Elektros apskaitos prietaisas Kamstrup 351C

Netiesioginio jungimo trifazis elektroninis išmanus elektros energijos skaitiklis

• Transformatorinis elektros skaitiklis
Matomos galios vertės vienai fazei ir bendrai visom (KVA, PF).
• Įtampos kokybės matavimas
• Optimizuotas nuotoliniam nuskaitymui
• Apsaugotas tamperiu
• Atsparus tiekimo tinklo trukdžiams
• Ypatingai mažas energijos suvartojimas.
• Įdiegta komunikacija
• Transformacijos koeficientas iki 3000A/5A
• Aktyvios energijos tipo patvirtinimas EN 50470-1 (MID), EN 50470-3 (MID)
aktyvios ir reaktyvios standartai IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-22, IEC 62053-23

K351C is a 3-phased current transformer electricity meter for registration of electric energy.
The meter is full electronic without movable parts. Thus, energy registration is not affected by
shock or impact during transport and mounting. Furthermore, measurements are correct, no
matter the physical mounting direction.
Energy is determined by simultaneously measuring voltage and current. The current is
measured via current transformers.
The easily readable display scrolls automatically between readings, or readings can be
changed manually by activating the left push button. The required display readings as well as
their order are configurable.
In addition to being read from the display, data can be collected via Radio Mesh Network,
Optical output or from the module area. The unique module area also permits external
changing of tariffs, pulse inputs and outputs, and configuration as well as a wide range of
communication media.
A Consumer Communication Channel is available for data exchange with Smart Home
From the factory, the meter can be configured to measure both imported and exported
energy. The meter makes accurate measurements whether it measures 1, 2 or 3 phases.
Measurements are saved in a permanent memory.
Kamstrup 351C can generate load profiles in all four quadrants.
A load profile provides detailed information about consumed and produced energy. An
additional logger with 16 channels contains data for analysis purposes.
Voltage quality measurement consists of voltage measurement, registration of maximum and
minimum voltage, overvoltage and undervoltage as well as voltage failures. All registrations
take place per phase.
In order to minimise the manual configuration during installation, the meter is preconfigured
from the factory. Furthermore, the meter can be reconfigured via a Smart Metering system.